Hazeltree Woodworking

Quartz Countertops

With the vast array of color and pattern choices, Cambria quartz countertops are a wonderful addition to any home. Extremely durable and requiring no additional sealing, they have proven to stand the test of time. Visit our showroom or                              to see the vast array of color

and design options to fit your project needs.  

Solid Wood Countertops


A solid wood countertop provides an instant focal point to any home.  We offer two distinct styles of hardwood countertops, each available in a variety of wood species and stains to meet the customer's preferences.



       Facegrain countertops display the true beauty of solid wood that only nature can provide. Available in a large number of species to fit the style of almost any kitchen or bathroom. 


Butcher Block

        Perfect for the dedicated home cook or anyone who wishes they were. Unsurpassed durability and class come together in this truly one of a kind look.